Congratulations. You've chosen strength and health. You've won already. Our passion is to help you get there through knowledge and ideas accumulated on health, strength and fitness over a vast experience. Have fun!


Exercise Program Design

Choose nothing but the best there is to take you towards your fitness goal faster than anything possibly can. Get interviewed for your Target and current health statistics and we will come up with the most science and experience backed exercise program for you.

Fitness Counseling

Have a question on your current exercise program or lifestyle? Let our best minds get to solve your problems and help clear the clutter from the information overload clouding the fitness spheres.

In Person and Distance Coaching

Is being in a remote part of the world boggling you with getting expert exercise coaching? We offer the best in class, objective, result-oriented interactive exercise coaching that can deliver that much needed push (or pull) you always felt was missing in the way you are currently training.

If you’d like to have a phone consultation, email me at rahul_raje@outlook.com

Include your reason for seeking consultation, phone number, and the best time to speak. Once we agree on a date and time you’ll simply deposit money into my PayTM account.

Please have a list of questions and method of taking notes. We will be covering the topics with as much detail as possible.