Congratulations. You've chosen strength and health. You've won already. Our passion is to help you get there through knowledge and ideas accumulated on health, strength and fitness over a vast experience. Have fun!

Lifting Magnifies All You Have

If, you're a man, moving heavy weights is going to make you more of a man.

If you're a woman, displacing heavy iron is going to make you more of a woman(not a man).

If you are strong, heavy lifting makes you stronger.

If you have a naturally broad frame, big lifts such as upper body pulls and pushes are going to help you accentuate that.

If you are one of those lucky bastards blessed with a naturally narrow waist., boy, you don't know what pleasant surprises heavy lifting has for making your narrow waist look even narrower by account of enlarging your
prime movers like the glutes, the lats and such...

If you're a born good squatter naturally, practicing heavy squats consistently will make you so much better at it. If you are a long-limbed deadlifting zealot like I am, consistent Deadlift practice can give you a constantly bigger and bigger deadlift.

Want a more striated pair of chest muscles? Stop doing countless mindless reps of cable crossovers and keep working at making your Bench presses heavier. With time and years, those flatter muscle bellies are going to grow and converge into each other creating a separation that 'tone and burn' exercises can never accomplish. You'll be magnified in a way you never thought.

If you're a man or a woman of character, engaging in regular heavy lifting will make you one of an even more immense character and stronger will.

Somewhere through the years trying to improve the same lift training it again and again, you slowly realize, what you've actually been building was more character than muscle

Lifting is like that elixir, or a Midas touch that can almost magically (BUT NOT OVERNIGHT) metamorphosise all of your already existing super Powers.

Remember, heavy doesn't necessarily need to be HARD. Yes, they can be different.

Three Sets of three Incline One Arm Pushups can be both heavy and 'not hard' if you can in fact perform 5 sets of 5 till failure. You see? Like in all my previous themes, 'not chasing muscular failure' and pursuing flawless technique is the key.

Corollary No 1:

As a corollary, it isn't always possible to make you acquire the exact shape of Bob Paris or Frank Zane or Sergio Oliva, Gina Aliollti or Olesya Novik. What those men and women were since they were born, they're yet the same, only a bigger and better version of it.

Dorian Yates in 1993 was still the same Dorian from 1992, only Magnified with better planning and implementation. Alright, I give up.. yes there were a truckload of steroids involved too, but still...

It's going to be the same for you; love it or hate. Envision yourself being a better, improvised version of your existing self, retaining all the structural specialties, curves, irregularities etc. That is a much more realistic target to set when you set out on a physical transformation than chasing an unrelated and imaginary form of a pharmaceutical aided mass monster.

Corollary No 2:

While it can magnify all the good you have, given the right (or wrong?) set of conditions, lifting can also have the ability to increase all the bad in you. Which in our case can be aching joints, neuro-muscular fatigue and trauma, day-long tiredness due to lack of adequate sleep and hydration etc. 

Did someone just say they got more irritated since they started lifting weights like a beast?

If you already have pathological conditions such as anterior patellar pain or subacromial irritation, constantly hammering those conditions with atrocious lifting technique can take you further down those hell holes until those acute injuries become chronic devastation. Every good has a bad side. Do not let the merits of good technique heavy lifting get undermined by flawed and sub-optimal lifts which you copied in a hurry looking at a cool Instagram or YouTube video.

Be consistent. Follow correct technique. And you may soon find out how lifting heavy weights is like a magic wand that helps you discover all the good you already have and gives the world a magnifying glass to look at it.