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Gym is not working for me...

"It never worked for me..."

He said playing with a D-Handle he was about to use for the 19th set of cable crossovers. Cody's attempts to pack up more bulk have been as successful as a butterfly trying to load a 40 feet container truck for what can be a good two years now.

"..I tried to hire the certifiedfromtwentyfiveschoolsinstagramsensation and we did have a great time doing stuff out of hell. Like I did those 75 curls with the 5 pound pinky dumbbells standing on a bosu balls on one leg. And then there was the 3/4 crunches done till I reached the 1000 rep count. Boy did my abbies felt like a vibrating cellphone that night. Oh, and how can I forget that day when I had to literally call emergency "

By now, I could sense why I was receiving shady sideways frowns from Cody while I was attempting heavy deadlifts while resetting between every rep. After all, it didn't have the perspiring and killing hit on every set and actually left me more energized than drained out.

There are a lot of individuals lost in the maze of ideas and concepts, mostly sprouting from Timelines and Handles and Feeds than from any actual empirical source of data or experience.

For the bullet-point savvy:

1. Nobody is ready to exceed their limits these days:
I remember folks who have been trying hard years after years to pack on some muscle they can show as some kind of evidence of their working out. After deeper inspection, turns out that they never went past their point of discomfort, fear or risk and settled with convenient options that were only 'visibly' hard. Oh, speaking of hard...

2. Hard work is a lost art:
It's understandable. When checking Facebook likes or whatsapp messages amid sets of presses is more important than executing the next set itself, who even cares of putting all their mind and focus on performing a hard lift.

3. Nobody is ready to do something that is not fashionable:
I mean women are fighting in the gyms these days over what music is to be played. I can't even...priorities are lost. Nothing's in perspective. Men are discussing the latest gym wear while they need to be under double their bodyweight on the squat bar.

4. We want results yesterday:
Most folks, and more often than not, they're spurted from a sudden enigma caused after they saw a movie star dosing their audience with a shot of their eight pack, need to 'look that way' immediately.

5 "...because that celebrity personal trainer said it" :
If I had a dollar for everytime someone does stupid stuff in the gym because they read an Instagram fitness sensation say so, I would be rich.

So, that, ladies and gents is why GYM is not working for you. Before you try all those 'other' things like battling ropes, zumba, spinning or jumping from exercise station to exercise station holding the cable ends like a cirque du soleil acrobat, re-asses if you are lifting weights correctly in the first place.

If you didn't quite catch the drift above, the reason why you're failing isn't the gym. It's you. Change it. And you will see yourself skyrocketing towards the stronger and more muscled YOU.

As you might have guessed by now, Cody's clarifications were met with a grin and a shrug from me before I proceeded towards my next set of deadlifts.