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Hair Raising Posts for the Week: Episode 2

An invigorating list of articles and references for the year: here goes a list of eye-cathing and head turning fitness and health reads that undoubtedly deserve you, the wider audience's attention.

Should Women Take Creatine?


Dr. Cassandra Forsythe answers what every woman(and even many men) have been wanting to know about this supposed God of all supplements and why creatine might actually be the substance you may need to include in your grocery list, right now.

If long term health and continually improving performance are your goals, do not give this article a miss.

Kettlebells Are Cool, But What About My CHEST?

Phil Ross, Master RKC, explains how you can keep your chest development at par with a Gorilla's while still adhering to training using a pair of kettlebell and your bodyweight. I'm a big fan of training that has a small equipment based footprint. There's a huge stablization based benefit attached to training with both your bodyweight and kettlebells, so this form of training done with an emphasis on hypertrophy goals is definitely a bonus-giver.

Female Calisthenics WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2015 [HD

This fabulous video shows an assemblage of the most ruthlessly skilled female callisthenics athletes that might put even the most driven bodyweight training zealot to question their training ethic. This even was held in Moscow in mid 2015 with athletes coming in from over 15 countries. Use this video's adrenaline equivalent of seven Red Bulls to charge yourself before you enter the gym today.

The Shoulder Training BibleThe-shoulder-training-bible
A somewhat older article by Christian Thibaudeau where he elicits the emphasis that one can lay upon the big movements, followed by accessory multi joint movements and how the single joint movements can be injected into a program design targeting shoulder hypertrophy. I have been a fan of Thibaudeau's program design paradigm and have experienced impressive improvements from this approach in the past.

Older adults: Build muscle and you'll live longer
New UCLA research suggests that the more muscle mass older Americans have, the less likely they are to die prematurely. The findings add to the growing evidence that overall body composition -- and not the widely used body mass index, or BMI -- is a better predictor of all-cause mortality.

There you go. Have your training workout mojo sniffed in from these power packed articles and do not forget to share the fun !