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Hair-raising posts for the week - Episode 1

Apart from a really pleasant September in this part of the world, here's what's hot in the allies of strength, health and fitness reads this week:

Statutory Warning: You may end up taking your shirt off and start cranking push ups in your office after reading some of them. So, it's NSFW if you would, you know, call that NSFW kind of stuff!

The clean and the deadlift simple cues for a stronger setup

Quick ques on distinguishing between two of the most important pulling movements you might be doing in your quest for strength. Smart pointers on how the mechanics may slightly differ on the clean and the deadlift unlike what many of us would normally believe.

Swedish Girl Deadlifts 418 Pounds

 Of course, how can we not have a solid look at this video of a 17 year old swedish football player girl who just deadlifted 418 pounds like a boss. And for those of you quipping about 418 pounds not being a a really heavy weight: The girl here has a bodyweight of 150 pounds. Go ahead and enjoy a testosterone boosting show.

Protein Trickery - Nitrogen Spiking

TC Luoma's take on why you may need take a second look at your protein powder supplement manufacturer's processes and legal stature, may be one crucial piece of information you should be reading today.

Viking Day Rope and Sled Pulling

Is your regular routine of big, bold and heavy lifts not giving you that 'extra' challenge that marks the difference between you being Thor saving the earth from Loki, or not? Well, these grit challenging, rugged ideas may develop a real intestinal fortitude that can cover you up there.

Daily Dose Deadlift Plan

If I were to follow a program where one big lift needs to be hit the maximum number of times per week, my pick would undoubtedly be the deadlift. By the same token, here's a great program to design a deadlift specific program. It has got all the elements required to forge a routine having the discipline required to keep your pull getting bigger.

The One Element of your training that can't be forsaken

Not a single training session of mine passes without someone coming up to me and asking what I am writing in that little notepad in between my work sets. Which should tell you how uncommon keeping a training journal is even today in weight training population. Charles Staley reinforces on this core principle of progressing in a sustained manner.

Max Muscle, Less Vareity

Old school working wisdom from Coach Zack Even-Esh.

A Quick and Dirty Way to Add Muscle

Tony Gentilcore posits about a tried and tested with time training technique that might be one of the missing links in your strength-hypertrophy training. Enjoy reading.

Go Forth

Last but not by any chance, the least, words of timeless wisdom by Dan John where he magically blends, training philosophy, education, religion and life in a way only he can possibly do.

Enjoy these cleansing reads. Goosebumps, adrenaline rush and a very zen-lke enlightened training guaranteed!