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Great reads the will make you jump out of your office chairs NOW

As the work week passed by, here's some rapid reads to kick start your day. I was too lazy to write something this week got a good kick and inspiration to get moving and active after giving them a read. And you will, too!

Some high octane reads for your hair raising pleasure and to get you started on the active  road.

It's a bad idea to be seated on those office chairs for long, you know!

1. Strength and Nutrition: Smart Strength With Charles Staley
Charles Staley speaks on how much space do biceps curls occupy in the lifting enthusiast's training toolbox(Hint: As much as any other exercise), powerlifting and paleo eating:


bicep curls, strength, training

2.  Successful Aging - it's your choice !
Successful Aging – it’s your choice!
Successful Aging – it’s your choice!
Successful Aging – it’s your choice!
Almost everything you might ever want to know about aging beautifully and healthily. Author Monica Mollika draws a cutting edge perspective upon the science and distinctions that define the various types of aging and how we can tap into it to improve ours. Pretty geeky and sciency stuff ahead though.


3. 13 Words That May Help Change Your Life
 Mega motivation for stepping out of your comfort zones, NOW from Tony Gentilcore:


4. When it Comes to Squats, Easier Doesn't Work
The Equalizer of the strength and conditioning world, Mark Rippetoe sheds light on the basic, yet out-of-your-comfort-zone world of Squatting big and Squatting DEEP.

 "And now, let's get busy taking those mobility breaks from our couch/office chair and enjoy moving!"  :)
Monica Mollica